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PBCJ Presents- ISO 9001 2015 @Feb 7 2023 10:46 AM
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JISTV | National Land Agency Systematic Land Registration Land Titling Ceremony @Feb 6 2023 03:20 PM
The National Land Agency has implemented Systematic Land Registration in order to increase the levels of land registration in Jamaica. The mandate of the Adjudication Services Division of the Agency is to assist landowners who have been in open, undisturbed and undisputed possession of their land for twelve years or more, to claim ownership of such land via the Systematic Land Registration Process. Systematic Land Registration (SLR) is the methodical and orderly registration of parcels of land in a designated area known as the Systematic Adjudication Area. In January 2021, the Prime Minister, The Most Honourable Andrew Holness, ON, PC, MP, declared several districts as Systematic Adjudication Areas. #JIS #JISTV #JISnews #Jamaica #Goverment

Jamaica Magazine-06.02.2023 @Feb 6 2023 02:52 PM
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JIS News-06.02.2023 @Feb 6 2023 02:51 PM
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JISTV | Sitting of the House of representatives - February 7, 2023 @Feb 6 2023 01:46 PM
The House of Representatives may consist of 63 members (the maximum allowed by the Constitution), elected by single-member constituencies on the first-past-the-post basis. The Government in power can only exist if it has the support of the majority of the members of the House of Representatives. In practice, most Bills are initiated in the House of Representatives. No Bill may become law unless it is passed by a majority of the members present in the House. The quorum of the House is 16 in addition to the person presiding. The House of Representatives has control over the Government’s finances. Funds cannot be granted nor taxation levied without the approval of the House. #JIS #JISTV #JISnews #Jamaica #Goverment