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The Financial Officer will report directly to the Financial Specialist.


The Financial Officer will be required to complete an annual evaluation, which shall be conducted at the

end of each contract anniversary year. The evaluation will seek to establish the performance of the Financial

Officer over the period of the entire contract period and the recommendation for gratuity payment.


Reporting Relationships: The consultant will report to the Financial Specialist.

All deliverables and/or reports will be reviewed and approved by the

Financial Specialist.

Nature of the Assignment: The assignment is on purely contractual basis. The tenure will be co-

terminus with the project duration. The contract will be for two (2) years in

the first instance, and extended based on satisfactory performance.

Level of effort: Full time level of effort of twenty-four (24) consecutive months, with full

days Monday through Friday, operating normally within a professional

office environment. Some weekend or evening hours may be necessary. This

role routinely uses standard office equipment such as computers, phones,

photocopiers, filing cabinets and fax machines.

Duration of contract: Twenty-Four (24) months (subject to renewal)

Location: Kingston, Jamaica | Travel may be required to other Government entities

within and outside the Kingston Metropolitan Area.

Type of Consultancy: Individual

Type of contract: Lump-sum payments based on scheduled deliverables

Financing Agreements: Consultancy payments will be made through the Office of the Prime



The incumbent must meet the minimum required qualifications as detailed below or based on equivalency.

Equivalency decisions are made on the basis of a combination of education and experience that would

provide the required knowledge and abilities.


 First Degree in Accounting/Management Studies with Accounting or BBA from a recognized

University. (Post-graduate training in Accounting is an asset) or;

ACCA Level 2 or 3 or; Associate of Science Degree in Accounting, from an accredited institution,

along with the Diploma in Government Accounting from an accredited institution;

 Must have good knowledge of procurement policies and procedures of multi‐lateral financial

institutions (e.g. the Inter‐American Development Bank or World Bank) and Technical Cooperation

Agreements, as well as good knowledge of the institutional, technical, and legal aspects of procurement.

 Sound Knowledge of the Financial Administration and Audit Act

June 12, 2021

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MINISTRY OF FINANCE & PLANNING De Minimis Waivers for the period May 1, 2018 – May 31, 2018

Disclaimer: The Ministry of Finance & Planning wishes to advise that the Waivers described below indicate approved but not necessarily utilized waivers. Additionally, the amounts waived are estimates derived from the values provided the Applicants which in some instances do not necessarily include the cost of shipping, insurance etc. The Ministry assumes no responsibility for any errors made in describing these transactions.

Date Tariff

Heading Applicant Brief Description of Items CET WAIVED SCT






1-May-18 n/a Michael Thakur Senior Technical Advisor - Income tax & education tax relief - - 870,011.18 - - - - - 870,011.18

21-May-18 University of the West Indies importation 2018 Nissan Urvan 466,692.00 - - - - - - - 466,692.00

24-May-18 Minister of Economic Growth & Job Creation re-transfer tax of property - - - - - - 6,930,040.00 - 6,930,040.00

24-May-18 Dionne McDonald purchase of 2018 Honda CRV - 682,560.00 - 675,734.40 - - - - 1,358,294.40

Total 466,692.00 682,560.00 870,011.18 675,734.40 - - 6,930,040.00 - 9,625,037.58

Disclaimer: The Ministry of Finance & Planning wishes to advise that the Waivers described below indicate approved but not necessarily utilized waivers. Additionally, the amounts waived are estimates

derived from the values provided the Applicants which in some instances do not necessarily include the cost of shipping, insurance etc. The Ministry assumes no responsibility for any errors made in describing these transactions.

June 12, 2021

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The Royal Charter of the University of the West Indies provides for certain

exemptions from taxes under the GCT Act. The tax expenditure estimates

reported here strictly pertain to SCT exempted on imports.

The “Waivers” category only includes those waivers granting reductions in tax

payable at time of import.

There were some notable policy changes that were undertaken in the past which

would have implications for the tax expenditure estimates. For example, back

in 2014, the SCT regime for alcohol was modified to unify the Specific SCT on

all alcoholic beverages at a single rate of $1,120 per litre of pure alcohol. These

adjustments were factored into calculations of the annual tax expenditure


The “Domestic Sales” category is broken down by sales reported on the SCT as

being exempt, versus sales reported on the SCT return as being zero-rated.

June 12, 2021

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making sure they understand how evidence should be gathered and uploaded throughout the implementation process will be in the best interest of all stakeholders.

• Legal considerations. Make sure the platform of choice complies with national and international regulations, including those relating to data architecture, security, privacy, and accessibility and record-keeping.

5.2.1 Using your current OGP website

The OGP website required by the OGP Participation and Co-Creation Standards may also be used as the online repository, as long as the requirements noted in section 5.1 are met.

At its most basic version, this could be a series of electronic folders, including at least one per commitment and one for the action plan development process. To enhance accessibility, the folder could be complemented with a spreadsheet that tracks the commitments and the completion evidence available or, as several OGP participants have done, a online tracking dashboard.

It should be noted that a dashboard by itself is not considered a repository. Unless it is linked to evidence and is updated every six months, it will not suffice to cover the repository requirement.

5.2.2 Using ready-made tools

Similar to the basic version proposed above, a participating government may decide to use one of the ready-made online filing systems to house their repository. Two options for doing this are Google Drive or Dropbox. As mentioned previously, if this option is chosen, the government must ensure that this complies with domestic regulations, particularly those that have to do with privacy and security.

There are online manuals available for both Google Drive and Dropbox. In order to use one of these platforms as a repository, folders would have to be created for each of the commitments in the action plan, and one relating to action plan processes. The administrator would have to make sure that the settings allow for public access to the folders and start uploading information as it becomes available. As in the previous case, the folders could be complemented with a spreadsheet to track progress.

5.2.3 Open source repositories

Participating governments may decide to adopt one of the open source open-access repositories that are available. The advantage of this model is that they support for a wide range of formats of documents for archiving are relatively easy to implement and their maintenance is not expensive. The other advantage is that these systems can facilitate the content aggregation to search engines. The following are Open Repository options:

• E-prints: EPrints is generic repository building software developed by the University of Southampton. It is intended to create a highly configurable web-based repository. EPrints is often used to store images, research data, audio archives, or anything that can be stored digitally.

• DSpace: DSpace is an open source software application that enables easy and open access to all types of digital content including text, images, moving images, audio, and data sets. It was developed by MIT and Hewlett Packard, and is completely customizable.

• CONSUL: CONSUL is an open source software designed to allow citizens to participate in day-to-day decisions of government institu- tions by facilitating the creation of participation initiatives. CONSUL can be customized to include different features and it is free.

June 12, 2021

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Table 7.1: Special Consumption Tax (Ad Valorem) Expenditures , 2016-2018 (Continued)

Tax Provision Description 2016 2017 2018

J$M % Reported J$M % Reported J$M % Reported Net Tax Net Tax Net Tax

Incentive Acts Bauxite and Imports by Bauxite Alumina and Alumina Incentive companies 119.56 1.13 442.92 0.9 913.49 0.02 Fuel Vehicle 5.59 0.05 6.63 0.01 5.53 0.0 Motion Picture Imports by motion 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.0 0.0 0.0 Incentives Studio Free Zones Tobacco - b - b - b - b - b - b Vehicle - b - b - b - b - b - b Alcohol - b - b - b - b - b - b Fuel - b - b - b - b - b - b Public Imports for the Public Transport transport (corp. area) Incentive programme 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.08 0.0 Other Act or Charters University of Imports for educational West Indies purpose Royal Charter 1.14 0.01 3.56 0.00 0.71 0.0 Charities Act 5.93 0.06 8.17 0.02 19.09 0.0

June 12, 2021