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Public Sector Learning Framework Project Officer

Project title: Public Sector Learning Framework Functional Designation: Public Sector Learning Framework Project Officer Executing agency: The Management Institute for National Development Duration of Assignment: 38 months Purpose of the Assignment: The purpose of this assignment is to provide project management,

coordination and administrative support to the Management Institute for National Development (MIND), and to work closely with the PSLF Manager, Director Public Service Capability Development/Programme Management Committee (PMC) and identified stakeholders within the Jamaican public service, towards achieving the objectives of the Public Sector Learning Framework (PSLF) in a sustainable manner.


The Management Institute for National Development (MIND) in its capacity as lead implementer for the Government of Jamaica’s Public Sector Learning Framework (PSLF) requires the services of a Project Officer to provide project management, coordination and administrative support towards the effective and timely implementation of the PSLF, its full integration into MIND’s operations and the Government of Jamaica’s (GoJ) strategic human resource management framework. The terms of reference is concerned with this scope of work.


MIND is an executive agency and the GoJ’s public service learning, organisational and leadership development institute, charged with developing the human resource capacity of the public service to enable it to respond effectively to the priorities of government and national development. In keeping with its mandate, the Agency, in 2009 established a strategic focus, hinged on four (4) thematic outcomes identified as the “pillars of excellence” that will help it to better coordinate and focus its strategies, and consequently, direct all staff efforts and resources towards supporting GoJ’s priorities and needs. These are:

o Theme 1: Stakeholder Satisfaction and Approval o Theme 2: Programme and Operations Excellence o Theme 3: Transformative Learning and Professionalization o Theme 4: Resource Mobilization and Management

Additionally, the Government in its Cabinet Decision # 49/09, established its position in rationalizing the public service as a pathway to improved professionalism, effectiveness, efficiency, accountability and responsiveness to citizens’ needs. Along with the establishment of the Public Sector Transformation and Modernisation Division, a strategic review of the GoJ Modernisation Plan led to the establishment of a new Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM) function with a mandate to provide strategic direction through policies and frameworks that support the development and management of the Public Service through the recruitment and retention of competent and motivated public officers at all levels, capable of delivering efficient, effective and responsive services to the public.

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