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MONITORING Mr. Speaker, as you are aware, the Transformation process is

monitored by The Public Sector Transformation Oversight

Committee (PSTOC) that provides an avenue for stakeholders

and civil society, over the life of the Precautionary Stand-By

Arrangement, to receive and review information from the

Government on the progress of implementation.

It is through this committee that updates to the public on the

progress of public sector transformation will take place.

The Public Sector Transformation Oversight Committee will:

• monitor the compliance and progress of the Government,

through the Implementation Team, in achieving the Public

Sector Transformation Objectives

• They will also escalate any lack of progress, delay or

concerns to my office and

June 12, 2021

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o Well-developed interpersonal and communication skills and an ability to liaise with people from diverse socio/cultural backgrounds.

6. APPROVAL OF DELIVERABLES Deliverables should initially be submitted to the PSLF Working Group for first level approval. All deliverables are considered approved when they are accepted by the CEO of MIND and signed-off by the PSLF Oversight Committee based on the defined and agreed performance standards for delivery.


All proposed changes to the work plan and deliverables must be discussed with the CEO, MIND and, where necessary, will be submitted for approval to the Steering Committee.


In addition to the execution of work outlined under Section 3, the Consultant will also be required to submit reports on implementation progress.

The Consultant will report to the CEO of MIND who will act on the recommendation of PSLF Oversight Committee in approving all deliverables. The PSLF Working Group and PSLF Oversight Committee will have responsibility for the review of deliverables and quality control of the consultancy.

The Consultant will be required to submit status reports on the work plan with any proposed changes at one month intervals up until the end of the consultancy. The Consultant’s Progress Reports will contain, inter alia, the following:

a. Overall progress made in the assignment with reference to the TOR, with special reference to progress made in the month;

b. Difficulties, if any, encountered in carrying out the assignment and proposed solutions; c. New areas and issues encountered and the proposed approach to dealing with them; d. An update of the Work Plan and proposed changes, if any; e. Proposed activities for the following month; f. All advice given within the period.

9. KNOWLEDGE TRANSFER It is expected that the Consultant will involve the relevant project team and departmental staff in all phases of the assignment so as to secure ‘buy-in’ and knowledge of the methodologies used in the assessment.

10. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY All information gathered and works derived as a result of this consultancy are the sole property of the MIND. Therefore, the Consultant is prohibited from using any output and information gathered through this assignment for his or her personal use, without the expressed permission of the MIND.

June 12, 2021

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TOR for Client Servicing Consultant

Prepared by BSJ/Standards Division– July 2018 Page 4

 from the work of the NCRA, assistance to get registered or improve their operations

 direct intervention from research conduct at the BSJ


The Consultant will develop the framework for the successful implementation of the CSP. Therefore the consultant shall be knowledgeable on the various products and services of the BSJ. He/She will have strong business acumen and research oriented. The consultant shall be familiar with Jamaica’s new National Quality Policy, reports from other recent consultancies such as Change Management, Needs Assessment, Rebranding etc, and shall conduct research on different companies and prepare a prioritized listing of companies based on the extent to which each would benefit from the CSP. The extent of benefit from the CSP should be assessed both in breadth and depth. The consultant shall utilize the knowledge of the current BSJ products and services, the results of the research, previous consultancy reports, business knowledge and experience etc. to prepare the approach to be used in the development and implementation of the framework and programme. This shall be presented for approval to members of the BSJs senior management team which shall serve as the Oversight Committee. The BSJ Oversight Committee shall be chaired by the Executive Director or designate. Upon approval of the approach, the consultant shall develop the framework and the programme. The framework shall consider, but be not limited to the following:

1. Jamaica’s new national quality policy 2. Best practices from other jurisdictions 3. Direction/Administration of the CSP with consideration of its cross-cutting

nature as well as transformation of status quo 4. Use of existing capabilities 5. New capabilities and levels of competences to be developed 6. Resourcing of CSP 7. Return on Investment 8. Prioritization based on highest impact 9. Promotion/Advertizing

June 12, 2021

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TOR for Client Servicing Consultant

Prepared by BSJ/Standards Division– July 2018 Page 5

Based on the framework developed, the consultant shall work with the BSJ to implement the highest priority CSP activities, monitor and report on the progress of each intervention to the Oversight Committee

The Client Services Consultancy will be supported by a matrix structure which include administrative, Technical and IT support. Technical Officers from the various departments and divisions of the BSJ will be temporarily assigned to work with the consultant at different times. During the period of assignment, the Technical Officers will report to their respective Directors/managers as well as functionally across to the Client Servicing Consultant (CSC). The Oversight committee will determine which category of technical officers will liaise with the client and at what intervals.

The consultant shall manage the reorientation of staff, the integration of new competences and the interaction with regulators to support and guide businesses as to how best to use standards and conformity assessment as tools to achieve development goals


In the performance of his/her duties the consultant will be expected to: 1. Be conversant with the National Quality Policy, Change Management

Report, Needs Assessment Report etc. 2. Conduct research on Jamaican companies to develop a priority list for

BSJ intervention making use of information in 1 above.  Ascertain strategic development direction of the companies  Determine current and/or projected future competence, information

or application gaps as it relates to standards, metrology and conformity assessment for the priority list of companies

 Based on the above information, develop current and projected future quality profiles of the companies together with needs and opportunities for BSJ intervention.

3. Consult extensively with the BSJ senior management and line staff to:  Develop a priority listing of companies for BSJs intervention  Determine Client Services status quo and gaps to satisfy current and

projected future needs of each identified company..  Develop draft Client Services Strategy for BSJ

June 12, 2021

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TOR for Client Servicing Consultant

Prepared by BSJ/Standards Division– July 2018 Page 6

 Present the Priority listing of companies, BSJ+Client+Services+Gap%0AAnalysis">BSJ Client Services Gap Analysis results and Draft Strategy to Oversight Committee

 Receive feedback, adjust, finalize get approval of documents  Agree on the implementation of the strategy and programme in a

small number of high priority companies.  Train BSJ teams on the strategy, programme, and implementation.  Manage and supervise the approach/support of the BSJ teams in

implementing in these companies.  Prepare detailed report on the implementation to include:

(i) effectiveness and effect on (a) BSJ team(s) and (b) the client company

 Plan for role out of the CSP for all prioritized companies 4. Conduct logistic arrangements

 Consult, schedule, prepare and attend meetings with identified Jamaican companies

 Prepare relevant information relating to companies  Attend initial visits to the company with the BSJ senior team and with

selected technical team in some instances.  Coordinate the briefing sessions for the BSJ’s localized team that will

visit the company  Supervise the BSJ teams activities as the intervention rolls out  Develop templates and metrics in consultation with the Technical

Directors to adequately monitor the success of each interaction/intervention.

5. Engage in Monitoring and Evaluation of initiatives  Work with the BSJ MIS department to create an appropriate database

that will be used to monitor and evaluate the implementation of the programme with each client

 Using the KPIs developed track each activity under the interventions  Provide periodic (monthly) reports(including value added to the

company to the BSJ and the country) on the interventions/activities 6. Prepare Documentation for sustainability

 Document the recommended operational structure for sustaining the Client Service operations

 Develop and document procedures and systems that would inform the Client Servicing Programme

June 12, 2021