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It is against this background that a Public Sector Learning Framework Policy was established by MIND with the support of key public sector stakeholders1, and with the endorsement of the Cabinet Secretary. The PSLF proposes a more systematic approach to whole-of-government human resource development, and serves as the GoJs blueprint for building a culture of continuous learning and innovation within the public sector, and provides a coordinated approach to systematically map pathways towards building the required competencies and developing the necessary skill sets that will allow public officers to deliver the best value goods and services. Along with its overarching objective to provide a coherent policy structure for human resource development within the sector, so as to enable economic development and societal wellbeing through the delivery of efficient citizen services, the PSLF also seeks to:

1. Provide a coherent policy for human resource development within the sector. 2. Stimulate, guide and promote the development of a public sector that is genuinely committed to lifelong

learning. 3. Build a culture of innovation among public officers for better business outcomes. 4. Enhance the human resource capabilities needed to support the fulfilment of Vision 2030 Jamaica:

National Development Plan (NDP). 5. Develop a responsive public service able to quickly adjust to the changing needs of government. 6. Integrate learning and development across the public sector. 7. Provide clarity and coherence to the matrices of learning focus areas across the different job levels in

the public sector. 8. Provide high quality, relevant and standardized training within the public service. 9. Facilitate access, mobility and progression in learning and professional development paths within the

sector. 10. Develop a source of evaluating or assessing investment in and impact of human resource development

within the sector.

The implementation of the PSLF is being led by MIND, supported by a PSLF Working Group, and governed by a PSLF Oversight Committee which is chaired by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of MIND. The Agency is supported by a PSLF Consultant/Advisor reporting through to the CEO.

3. SCOPE OF WORK Under the direct supervision of the PSLF Project Advisor/ Consultant the PSLF Project Officer will provide coordination support to ensure the achievement of the PSLF objectives and delivery of its outputs. Therefore, the PSLF Project Officer will:

o Liaise and coordinate activities with the relevant departments within the Agency in support of the implementation of the PSLF.

o Provide administrative support to the PSLF Project Advisor/ Consultant o Liaise with key external stakeholders to optimise access and to ensure timely organisation and

facilitation of activities relating to the PSLF implementation. o Assist with the design, development and dissemination of PSLF outputs. o Provide the necessary feedback, through reports and other forms of communiqué, on a timely basis, to

the PSLF Consultant/Advisor in order to inform engagements with the CEO and the PSLF Oversight Committee.

o Monitor PSLF implementation deliverables. o Draft any milestone and completion reports as necessary. o Provide input for the development of technical reports and other project outputs.

1 Cabinet Office, Ministry of Finance and Public Service (MoFP), Office of the Services Commissions (OSC), Strategic Human Resource Management Division within the MoFP, Jamaica Civil Service Association, Planning Institute of Jamaica and the Public Sector Modernisation Division and the Public Sector Transformation Unit, which have been recently amalgamated to form the Public Sector Transformation and Modernisation Programme.

June 12, 2021

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Ministry Of Health

National Public Health Laboratory

Laboratory Services

Post Classification

No of

Posts Remarks

Chief Medical Technologist 11 Post [# 62912] formerly PMG/MDT 3 reclassified with effect from April 1, 2013.


Chief Medical Technologist 25 Five (5) posts [#s 37409 - 12 & 37415] formerly PMG/MDT 4 reclassified with effect from April 1, 2013.


Chief Medical Technologist 22 Two (2) posts [#s 37413 -14] formerly PMG/MDT 4 reclassified with effect from April 1, 2013.


Senior Medical Technologist51 Fifty-one (51) posts [#s 37416 - 64 & 62913 - 14] formerly PMG/MDT 2 reclassified with effect from April 1, 2013.


Medical Technologist2 Two (2) posts [#s 62915 - 16] formerly PMG/MDT 1 reclassified with effect from April 1, 2013.


Laboratory Technician1 TSS HS 6

Technical Assistant 214 Fourteen (14) posts [#s 37466 - 79] formerly TSS/HS 4 reclassified with effect from April 1, 2013.


Technical Assistant 12 Two (2) posts [#s 37480 - 81] formerly TSS/HS 3 reclassified with effect from April 1, 2013.


Secretary 23 OPS SS 2

Secretary 14 OPS SS 1

Cytology Technician2 Two (2) posts [#s 37488 & 37491] formerly TSS/HS 5 reclassified with effect from April 1, 2013.


Cytology Technician4 Four (4) posts [#s 37492 - 95] formerly TSS/HS 4 reclassified with effect from April 1, 2013.


Microscopist1 Post [# 27867] formerly TSS/HS 3 reclassified with effect from April 1, 2013.


Director, Clinical Chemistry1 SOG ST 8

Chief Environmental Engineer1 SOG ST 7

Environmental Engineer1 SOG ST 6

Scientific Officer1 SOG ST 5

Senior Environmental Scientist1 SOG ST 5

Environmental Scientist1 SOG ST 4

Engineer Assistant2 SOG ST 3




June 12, 2021

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given via telephone)

January 6, 2004

13 What was the salary increase for councilors

Full grant of access


January 6, 2004

14 Waiver documents associated with Finsac’s Sale of Island Broadcasting Services Ltd. (KLAS FM) to Wilmington Corporation Ltd.

Access granted Media

January 6, 2004

15 Documents detailing the purchase and renovation of house on Bracknell Avenue as residence for Governor of Bank of Jamaica (BOJ).

Partial access granted and remainder of request transferred to BOJ.

Civil Society

January 6, 2004





Latest financial statement for Swift Purscel Boys Home (Highgate)

Latest financial statement for Maxfield Children’s Home

Latest financial statement for Pringle’s Children’s Home

Latest financial statement for Mt. Olivet Children’s Home

Transferred to Ministry of Health (MOH)


January 6, 2004

20 Number of persons and companies and their names who have received tax relief under provisions of the Urban Renewal (Tax Relief) Act 1995 in the Downtown Montego Bay special development area

Transferred to UDC


January 6, 2004

21 Copy of Accounts of final cost of Government delegation to Non- Aligned Conference in Malaysia2003

Transferred to Cabinet Office

Civil Society

January 6, 2004

22 Government Agencies that gives grants or loans to people to start small businesses

Referred to MIDA


January 7, 2004

23 Waiver documents associated with the sale of HOT 102 FM.

Full access granted


January 8, 2004



Latest financial statement for John Bosco Children’s Home

Latest financial statement for Sunbeam Children’s Home

Transferred to Ministry of Health (MOH)


January 12, 2004

26 Which politicians received monies from Finsac’s bailout and the amount

Denied (Exempt documents)


January 14, 2004

27 All business and employee tax forms required at year-end

Referred to Jamaica Revenue Service website: www.jrs.gov.jm


January 14, 2004

28 Names of Finsac borrowers over $25M and amount written off.

Denied (Information exempt)


June 12, 2021

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Ministry of Finance and the Public Service Fiscal Policy Paper 2017 81 | P a g e

Appendix IV

Strategic Human Resource Management

Public Sector Reform

Establishment of the Strategic Human Resource Management Division (SHRMD)

The development, including staffing, of the SHRMD remains a work-in-progress. Staffing at the senior management level of the new structure continued during FY 2016/17, with recruitment for some positions currently underway.

Public Sector Efficiency Programme (PSEP)

During FY 2016/17 work commenced on the development of a Capacity Enhancement Strategy and Plan for the SHRMD and HRM Units across Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs), in keeping with the MOU signed by the MoFPS, Office of the Cabinet and Management Institute for National Development. This development is also in line with the PSEP which is being financed through an Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) loan.

Implementation of the PSEP began with the engagement of HR professionals in the SHRMD and MDAs to determine priority HR competencies at different levels. A comprehensive Learning Needs Analysis was also conducted to inform the Capacity Enhancement Strategy and Plan, through workshops, one-on-one interviews, focus groups, and surveys.

As part of the strategy to enhance capacity, 20 officers of the SHRMD and the wider MoFPS were trained in Leadership Essentials during January 2017.

Human Capital Management Enterprise System (HCMES)

The phased implementation of the integrated HR and payroll system continues with implementation for the Office of the Services Commissions (OSC) and eGov Jamaica Limited scheduled for February 2017. The more than 100 administrators trained on the new system are expected to train other persons in their respective MDAs.

Data migration from the old to the new system has commenced in 3 of 14 MDAs that have been selected for the first phase of system implementation. User Acceptance Testing (UAT) was conducted for 8 MDAs to verify that the systems reflect the actual HR and payroll processes and requirements.

The public sector transformation team is conducting Change Management and Communication assessments in the 14 MDAs. As part of this exercise, change and communication work streams are being established to support implementation of the system for each MDA based on its needs.

June 12, 2021

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xiii. Manages the policies, procedures and programmes of the HR Workstream and recommends new approaches and procedures to continually improve the efficiency of the HR Workstream’s services.

xiv. Assists in the evaluation of reports, decisions and results of activities in the HR Workstream, in accordance with the HR Workstream Workplan.

xv. Recommends new approaches and procedures to continually improve the efficiency of the HR Workstream and services performed.

xvi. Prepares comprehensive monthly reports on the status of activities inclusive of issues in implementation, perceived risks and schedule of activities for the following month.

xvii. Employs appropriate programme management principles throughout the assignment; xviii. Performs other related duties and assignments as required by the Head, HR Workstream.

xix. Executes all administrative tasks for the HR Workstream.


The incumbent is a critical link to seamless processes and effective service delivery, through consistent and effective human resource management support in the HR Workstream and is expected to use accepted and proven HR practices for carrying out the assignment. It is expected that the HR Generalist will employ knowledge of the Civil Service Establishment Act, 1975 and any relevant amendments thereto as well as, other relevant staff orders and policies appropriate to the public service, for the effective conduct of this assignment. The Human Resources Generalist will develop, and submit deliverables as specified in these Terms of Reference. The HR Generalist will be expected to relate to stakeholders at all levels within the GoJ. The Executive Director PSTIU will review and approve all monthly reports prepared by the Human Resources Generalist.


 The Consultant will report to the Head, HR Workstream,  Reports will be submitted in hard and soft copy to the Head, HR Workstream, TIU  Reports will be approved by the Executive Director PSTIU on the recommendation of the

Head, HR Workstream.



 Head HR Workstream  Executive Director PSTIU  Other Workstream Leads

 Relevant HR Managers in Public Body entities

 Relevant personnel in SHRMD and OSC as required


June 12, 2021