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Government of Jamaica (GOJ). 1985. Planning Institute of Jamaica Act. Government of Jamaica (GOJ). 1984. The Statistics Act. Ministry of Finance and the Public Service. 2017. Fiscal Policy Paper Financial year 2017/18. Ministry of Finance and the Public Service. 2018. Estimates of Expenditure 2018/19. As presented in the House of Representative. Ministry of Finance and the Public Service. 2016. Draft Revised Budget Manual – MTRBB. Office of the Cabinet. 2014. Whole of Government Business Plan (WOG), 2015-2018. 2016-2019. Office of the Cabinet. 2010. Performance Monitoring and Evaluation System Framework Document (PMES). Office of the Cabinet. Strategic Business Plans 2016-2019, 2017-2020 Office of the Cabinet Operational Plans. 2015-2018 Office of the Cabinet. Concept Paper. Towards the Development of an Integrated Results Based Management for the Government of Jamaica. Planning Institute of Jamaica (PIOJ). 2015. Post-2015 Sustainable Development Goal. Government of Jamaica National Outcome Document. Planning Institute of Jamaica (PIOJ). 2012. Vision 2030 Jamaica National Development Plan. Medium Term Socio-Economic Policy Framework 2012-2015, 2015-2018. Three Year progress report Planning Institute of Jamaica (PIOJ). 2017. Concept Note on Dialogue for Development Planning Institute of Jamaica (PIOJ).2017. National Sustainable Development Goals Core Group Planning Retreat. Statistical Institute of Jamaica (STATIN). 2016. Strategic Business Plans 2016-2019, 2017-2020. Statistical Institute of Jamaica (STATIN). 2017. Preparation of NSDS in Jamaica. Suggestions for a Roadmap (Draft). Statistical Institute of Jamaica (STATIN). 2016. Transforming our World: The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable development. Report on the National Consultation on the SDG Indicator Framework. Statistical Institute of Jamaica (STATIN).2016. Operational Plans. 2015-2018

June 10, 2021