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community of Tivoli+Gardens">Tivoli Gardens from this direction was impeded by IEDs placed in

the bushes beyond the south-eastern section of the wall.

6.5 The result was that all roadway entrances to Tivoli+Gardens">Tivoli Gardens were

barricaded and the non-roadway border was rigged with IEDs. Moreover, at

some entry points to the community were deep multi-layered barricades and

embattlements. At the western end of the community, these entry points

included McKenzie Drive, near to Rasta City and that part of Tivoli+Gardens">Tivoli Gardens

known as Java. It was believed by the security forces that Coke resided at two

houses in Java where he also had his office. Deep embattlements were also

erected at the eastern end of the community at the intersection between

Bustamante Highway and Darling Street. Here, embattlements on the street

were supported by sandbags at ground level as well as sandbags in elevated

positions on some buildings that provided lookouts and gunmen thereon with

clear views of this point of entry to the community of Tivoli. With respect to

Denham Town, Supt. Brown">Arthur Brown’s evidence was helpful.

Supt. Brown">Arthur Brown – 21 to 23 May

6.6. Supt. Brown was the JCF’s commanding officer with responsibility

for the Kingston Western Division in May 2010. He was based at Denham Town

Police Station. While he was on his way to work about 7.30 a.m. on Friday,

21 May, he observed that a number of entrances leading into Tivoli+Gardens">Tivoli Gardens

along Industrial Terrace were barricaded. He also saw sandbags placed on top

of a wall near Bustamante Highway.

6.7. In his witness statement, he said –

“On entering Albert Street, which is adjacent to the Denham Town Police Station and which is the road used to access the station compound, I noticed that an old motor vehicle was used to block the road about ten metres from the rear gate of the station compound. This blockade prevented police

June 12, 2021

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used by gunmen but the JDF repelled attacks from that location “and took

control of the building”. As Col. Andrew Sewell emphasised:

“Domination of the community involved sitting on top of these buildings.”

6.19. Since the operation took place on a public holiday, the commercial

buildings were closed to business but some were taken over by gunmen.

Residential buildings were, for the most part, occupied.

6.20. Capt. Garth Anderson also testified that high-rise residential

buildings in Lizard Town were similarly used by gunmen as strategic points for

armed resistance. From these buildings, they fired on the security forces and

“pinned them down” in the Coronation Market, east of Tivoli Gardens. Buildings

22 to 27 were allegedly also used by gunmen during the operation. These were

close to Spanish Town Road.

6.21. High-rise residential buildings close to Java were used as sites from

which gunfire was directed at the security forces to prevent them from entering

Industrial Terrace. We have already referred to the evidence of L/Cpl. McLennon

in which he related the circumstances under which he came under fire from

high-rise buildings, inter alia, when he was attempting to clear a blockade on

Industrial Terrace.

Early Warning System – The Human and Electronic Elements

6.22. Maj. Williams provided the Commission with a description of the

network of sentries who were part of the human element of the system of

fortification. He said in oral evidence –

“We were briefed about the sentry system, the guard system that they had established...They would be given a particular location that they were required to be at and we were shown photographs of some of them and the gunmen who were there. And they would be given “arcs of fire” or “arcs

June 12, 2021

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in the Jamaican marketplace In addition, the following divisions provide support for the operations of the BSJ:

5. Human Resources Division – includes the Industrial Training Unit and the Facilities Management Department.

6. Directorate Division – includes the Office of the Executive Director, Management Information Systems (MIS), Legal Office, Corporate Affairs Office.

7. Finance and Accounting Division.

Under component 5 of the project, the former Regulatory Division of the BSJ has now been established as a separate entity known as the National Compliance and Regulatory Authority (NCRA). The NCRA is located at 19 Hope Road, Kingston 10, and is physically separated from the operations of the BSJ. However the NCRA outsources its Corporate Services (including ICT Support) from the BSJ. The BSJs certification arm, the National Certification Body of Jamaica (NCBJ), is located on the BSJ property and receives Corporate Services from the BSJ.

1.4 Current ICT Infrastructure

I. Human Resource Management (Server) – PeopleSoft ver 9.1, PeopleTools 8.5 2009 Copyright

This application is used to manage some aspects of the Human Resource Management Division’s functions. Leave management, Loan approvals and appraisals are among the functions managed by this application.

II. Database (Server) Oracle This application was specifically employed to support the use of the PeopleSoft application.

III. Accounting Packages (Server) – ACCPAC Sage 300 ERP This is used by the Finance & Accounting Division in the performance of its duties.

IV. Interactive Payroll System (IPS) This software is used by the Finance & Accounting Division to prepare the payroll

V. Job Management & Tracking System (JMTS) This Information System is coded in the Glassfish Server environment using Java and runs on a MySQL DBMS. This application is used to track jobs submitted by both internal and external clients as it is being processed by the labs and captures all details in connection to the job. It does not offer any business intelligence and at this point just gathers and stores information to be used by the following departments:

1. Finance Dept: Generating invoices 2. Marketing Dept: Query the list of clients and as input for the development of

Communication and Marketing Strategies 3. Laboratories:The creation of work orders, the inputting of test results and preparation of


It is used to collect information from and by the following; 1. Clients by the Customer Service Department located at the BSJ 2. Clients by Inspectors (NCRA) either at a site (business place) or ports of entry (two

international airports and different berths at the various wharfs) 3. BSJ Laboratories to assist in the generating of invoices by the Finance Dept.

June 12, 2021

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Government of Jamaica - Single Web based e-GP system D11 End-user Buyer Manual

14/12/2015 Electronic Government Procurement Practitionerss Manual 2015 Page 10 of 98

1 Minimum and Recommended system requirements

Minimum requirements:

- Relatively recent Operating System (e.g. Windows XP or 7, or equivalent) - Office tools (e.g. MS Office support MS Word, MS Excel, or equivalent) - Email client (e.g. MS Outlook, or equivalent) with access to the end-users

mailbox - Browser: Internet Explorer (6 or higher), or Firefox (3.5 or higher), or Opera /

Chrome / Safari (latest) - Session Cookies: enabled - Window Resolution: 1024 x 768 - PDF viewer (e.g. Adobe PDF Reader, or equivalent) - Compression/decompression software (e.g. 7zip, winrar, or equivalent) - JavaScript enabled, for full end-user experience - Access to the Internet through HTTP/HTTPS - A valid e-mail address - Pop-up blockers disabled

Recommended requirements:

- Windows 7, or above - MS Office 2003, or above - Email client (e.g. MS Outlook, or equivalent) with access to the end-users

mailbox - Browser: Internet Explorer (8 or higher), or Firefox (5 or higher), or Opera /

Chrome / Safari (latest) - Session Cookies: enabled - Window Resolution: 1024 x 768 - PDF viewer (e.g. Adobe PDF Reader, or equivalent) - JavaScript enabled, for full end-user experience - Compression/decompression software (e.g. 7zip, winrar, or equivalent) - Access to the Internet through HTTP/HTTPS - A valid e-mail address - Pop-up blockers disabled

June 12, 2021

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5 | P a g e


 Technical background required, with demonstrated abilities as a Business Analyst or Developer, preferably in a project environment;

 Ability to communicate effectively with stakeholders at all levels to define the business requirements and solution architecture;

 Excellent planning and organising skills with good problem solving and analytical abilities

 Team player with proven interpersonal skills, task-oriented work ethic, excellent time management skills and demonstrated ability to use sound judgement;

 Track record that demonstrates research skills and ability to constantly seek and acquire knowledge of emerging technologies;

 Excellent knowledge of Information Systems, ICT Best Practices, and current application development methodologies;


Qualifications • University degree in Computer Sciences, Information Technology, Management

Information System, Mathematics, or equivalent qualification, from a recognized tertiary institution.

• Certification in any of the following: Microsoft Visual Studio, .NET, Structured Query Language (SQL), and Java or C and C++ would be an asset.

Experience and Specific Technical Knowledge • Demonstrated working knowledge of several of the following: HTML, ASP, .NET, CSS,

PHP, JavaScript, Visual Studio, IIS, XML and other web technologies and standards. • Demonstrated working knowledge of combinations of the following: Linux, Apache,

JBoss, SQL, MySQL and PHP • Knowledge and experience with Office automation tools • Knowledge of IIS and web based authentication (Basic, Forms, Claims Based, Windows). • Graphic design experience using tools such as Adobe Creative Suite and Expression

Studio would be an asset • Mainstream Reporting Tools (e.g. Crystal Reports, BIRT, etc.) • Experience in MS Office: Word, Excel, Power Point • Experience working with MS Project, and Visio • Experience working with projects that involve cross functional teams of internal and

external implementation partners • Experience in requirements gathering, solution development and deployment

June 12, 2021