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The objective of this component is to link budgeting with government policy priorities through a

gradual transition from annual expenditure planning to a medium-term results-based expenditure

framework. effectiveness, and can be updated if needed at a later stage. This proposed process

will be submitted to the Bank for its no objection.

Component III. Adaptive Public Sector Approaches to Promote Fiscal Sustainability

This component will support measures to institutionalize the process of behavioral change to

support new policy processes and provide just-in-Time Technical Assistance (TA) to take into

account ad hoc needs of the government and to effectively take advantage of opportunities of

intervention when they arise, enabling to bridge policy and implementation gaps revealed in the

course of project implementation.

Component IV. Strengthening Property Tax Compliance and Administration.

This component will support the Government in improving the Property Tax compliance and

updating the fiscal cadastre.

Component V. Fostering Industrial Growth and Trade Facilitation

The main objective of this thematic area is the development and implementation of an integrated

border clearance process through an National Single Window mechanism in which Customs and

the participating border agencies will eliminate sequential interventions/inspections and either

conduct joint inspections or delegate discrete primary functions to Customs.

Component VI. Project Management

This component will ensure adequate Project management is in place for the implementation of

the Project. The activities under this component will include: (i) carry out Project audits; (ii)

comply with the financial management and procurement obligations under the Project; (iii)

monitor and evaluate Project activities; (iv) provide training, and the acquisition of goods

required thereof and finance Operating Costs.

Executing Agency and Beneficiary

The executing agency will be the Ministry of Finance and Planning (MOFP), and it will also be

the main beneficiary of many of the activities proposed by this IPF. The Project Implementation

Unit (PIU) that will be established within the MOF will be responsible for implementing the

project. Institutional arrangements have been designed and an implementation support plan will

be in place to ensure that if capacity problems arise, these will be addressed promptly. MOFP

will coordinate activities across other beneficiaries of the Project which are mainly executive

agencies and divisions spread across Ministries. The project will support activities across

selected service delivery ministries, departments, and agencies (MDAs), particularly for

components I, II and III with significant coordination efforts that will be contributed by the

Public Expenditure Division in MOFP and the Jamaica">Planning Institute of Jamaica (PIOJ). The Tax

Administration of Jamaica reporting to MOFP and possibly together with inter-alia but not

limited to National Land Agency (NLA) which reports to Ministry of Water, Land, Environment

and Climate Change as well as the local governments will be the key actors under component IV

in the effort to improve the property tax administration. The two key entities reporting to the

June 11, 2021

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opportunities to advance themselves and add lasting value to their lives.

HEART has a new heart.

 Firstly, we have reintroduced the Registered Apprenticeship

Programme (RAP) that is projected to train 2000 persons to become

internationally certified and work-ready by the end of the 2015/2016

academic year. Already 500 persons have begun training.

 The target is that within two to three years 20,000 participants will be

registered in the programme at any one time.

 The International Labour Organisation (ILO) has endorsed RAP. The

Ministry of Education acknowledges the support of several private

sector firms -100 are now participating.

 HEART Trust/NTA has trained approximately 816 persons in

Call/Contact Operations to fill jobs at Sutherland Global Services, a

company in the Business Processing Operations (BPO) Sector. An

additional 1,388 persons are targeted for training in 2015/2016.

HEART Trust/NTA has already trained 65 persons at Vocational

Training & Development Institute with 55 gaining employment during


 HEART Trust/NTA has begun the installation of 200 incubation work

stations at its Gordon Town Road, St Andrew facility to accommodate

1500 employees in the BPO sector in 2015-2016, with the initial 500

to be engaged by Sutherland Global Services.

 I want to tell all investors, local and foreign that once we know their

needs the Jamaican Education System will train the finest quality

employees for their enterprise –quality in appropriate skills and work


June 11, 2021

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Office of the Cabinet 3 Revised 20 March 2019




SUBJECTS (GENERAL) Business of Cabinet

National Security Policy Coordination Policy Formulation, Analysis and Coordination of Government Public Sector Transformation and Modernization Public Service Training Strategic Planning for Government Whole-of-Government Performance Monitoring and Evaluation DEPARTMENTS (GENERAL) Management Institute for National Development (MIND) Office of the National Security Advisor Office of Utilities Regulation (OUR)1

1The Office of the Cabinet has neither accounting nor budgetary responsibilities for the OUR but has responsibilities therefor with respect to overall legislative matters.

June 11, 2021

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 HEART Trust/NTA has implemented a training and employment

initiative targeting 15,000 unattached youth per year in several

communities across the island. It has started in North East

Manchester and Western St Andrew.

 The programme consists of three components: Apprenticeship for

participants with CSEC qualification; full skill training for participants

without CSEC but who have passed the HEART Trust/NTA entrance

test; and the third component is academic, attitudinal and skill

upgrading for participants without any qualification.

 Commencing during the 2015/2016 academic year, the HEART

Trust/NTA will facilitate start-up of Small and Medium Enterprises

(MSMEs) by offering them grants to expand. The grants will be

provided either through the provision of ‘start-up’ kits valuing

J$75,000 after training or up to J$250,000 for qualified persons who

are trained in aquaculture to enter the ornamental fish industry.

This will generate self-employment and small businesses, targeting

120 beneficiaries per year.

 The Grant Funding Programme will feature three distinct


o Technical assistance in branding, packaging and labelling

o Capital for upgrading, retooling, technology development and

o Enhancing the technical capacity of employees to a maximum

spend of J$3M per firm.

Please note that these new initiatives are in addition to the normal

programmes offered by HEART at its workforce colleges and TVET

institutes, as well as workforce certification. Mr. Speaker, all these add

June 11, 2021

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19 Office of the Cabinet September 2016

MINISTRY OF INDUSTRY, COMMERCE, AGRICULTURE AND FISHERIES (Cont’d) Commodity Boards (including Banana, Coffee, Cocoa, Coconut and Pimento Industry


Jamaica 4-H Clubs Jamaica Agricultural Society (JAS)

Jamaica+Dairy+Development+Board+%0A+Jamaica+Exotic+Flavours">Jamaica Dairy Development Board Jamaica Exotic Flavours and Essences Company Limited Protection of Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture Management Authority

Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA) Sugar Company of Jamaica (SCJ) Legacy

Sugar Company of Jamaica Holding Ltd. Sugar Industry Authority (including Sugar Industry Research Institute)

Tobacco Industry Control Authority Veterinary Board

June 11, 2021