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(b) has a connection with Jamaica of a kind which entitles that person to be regarded as belonging to, or as being a native or resident of, Jamaica for the purposes of the laws of Jamaica relating to immigration; or

(c) is a company or other legal entity constituted in Jamaica in accordance with the laws of Jamaica;

"Jamaican ship" has the meaning assigned to it by section 2 of the Shipping Act.

Regulations. 19.-41) The Minister may make regulations in order to give effect to the purposes of this Act.

(2) Subject to affirmative resolution, regulations made under this Act may provide for penalties,. on summary con- viction or conviction on indictment for contravention of the regulations, in excess of the penalties specified in section 29(b) .of the Interpretation Act.

power to 20. The Minister may, by order subject to affirmative resolu- amend tion and published in the Gazette, amend any monetary penalty pendtiesby imposed by this Act. order.

Re~iewofAct 2 1 4 1 ) The provisions of this Act shall be reviewed by a after two Y-. joint select committee of the Houses of Parliament after the

expiration of two years from the 17th of March, 20 10.

(2) The validity of any proceedings taken, or any order in force, under this Act i&ediately before the expiration of the time specified in subsection (I) shall not be affected by any amendment or repeal of any of the provisions of this Act made pursuant to a review conducted under subsection (1) and any such proceedings shall be continued and determined, and any such order shall continue in force for such duration, as if such amendment or repeal had not been made.

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June 12, 2021

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Head Head of Estimates Particulars of Service Amount Statutory Authority No. $000

0100 His Excellency the Governor- General and Staff

Emoluments of the Governor-General and his personal staff as well as general expenditure affiliated to the office of the Governor-General

108,186.0 Section 12 of the Governor- General (Expenditure, Personal Staff, Tax Exemptions and Pensions) Act.

0200 Houses of Parliament Salaries and Allowances of the Clerk and Deputy Clerk of the Senate and the House of Representatives.

10,133.0 Section 47 (8) of the Constitution of Jamaica.

0300 Office of the Public Defender Salary and Allowances of the Public Defender.

10,749.0 Section 9 of the Public Defender Interim Act 33/1999

0400 Office of the Contractor General

Salary and Allowances of the Contractor General.

11,122.0 Section 11 (1) and (3) of the Contractor General Act

0500 Auditor General Salary of the Auditor General 7,852.0 Section 120–122 of the Constitution of Jamaica; Section 25–36 of the Financial Administration and Audit Act.

0600 Office of the Services Commissions

Salaries and Allowances of the Chairman and members of the Public Service Commissions.

5,899.0 Section 124 (8) of the Constitution of Jamaica.

0700 Office of the Childrens Advocate

Salary of the Childrens Advocate 10,965.0 The Child Care and Protection Act, First Schedule

0800 Independent Commission of Investigations

Salary of the Commissioner 12,038.0 The Independent Commission of Investigations Act, First Schedule

2018 Public Debt Charges Payment of interest, service charges and commitment fees in respect of the public debt of Jamaica.

138,458,716.0 Section 119 of the Constitution of Jamaica.

2019 Pensions Public Officers Pensions, Gratuities and Monthly Allowances granted in pursuance of the provisions of the Pensions Act.

8,372,810.0 Section 4 of the Pensions Act.

Jamaica Defence Force Pension 473,200.0 Defence (Retired, Pay Pensions and other Grants) Regulation, 1962

Governor-Generals Pension 15,342.0 Governor General Act

Payment of Pensions and Gratuities to Teachers in accordance with the Pensions Act

6,672,536.0 The Pensions (Teachers) Act.

Refund of Contributions by Police Sub- Officers and Men

33.0 Constabulary Force Act

Payment of Pensions, Gratuities or other allowances to Sub-Officers and Constables of the Police Force in accordance with the Constabulary Force Act

4,095,436.0 Section 59 of the Constabulary Force Act.

Special Constabulary Pensions and Gratuities

365,311.0 Constables (Special) Act

Refund of Contributions by Men of the Special Constabulary

10.0 Constables (Special) Act




June 12, 2021

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Ministry of Finance and the Public Service Fiscal Policy Paper 2017 83 | P a g e

In order to facilitate a smooth roll-out of the PEPAS application, 5 entities have been identified for a pilot implementation phase. In tandem with the pilot, User Acceptance Testing training for staff of the Pensions Administration Unit and other end users is scheduled for the period February 2017 – March 2017. Go-Live, a feature which will allow all authorized users’ access to relevant modules of the application is scheduled for the first quarter of FY 2017/18.

Establishment Control

Post Operations Committee (POC)

The POC continues to monitor the Public Service Establishment and adjudicate on requests for the operation of vacant posts in the context of the country’s Medium-term Economic Programme. This activity is integral to containing the size of the public sector and for enabling the achievement of Government’s wage bill target.

Revised guidelines for the operation of posts in MDAs were issued in July 2016. These guidelines seek to enhance operational and manpower planning efficiencies in order to optimize service delivery by the public sector.

Establishment General (G) Order

The Parish Councils’ Establishment Act was published during FY 2016/17. In addition, the Civil Service Establishment (General) Order, 2016 was laid in the Houses of Parliament for Affirmative Resolution, and passed into law in January 2017.

Scholarships and Assistance Awarded under GOJ and Donor Programmes


In excess of 600 public sector workers received financial assistance towards tuition fees for tertiary studies, in keeping with the negotiated Heads of Agreement. Between January 2016 and December 2016, scholarship offers were received from China, Cuba, Japan, Serbia, the Organization of American States (OAS), and the Commonwealth Scholarship to New Zealand and the UK. Applicants were shortlisted, interviewed and recommended on the basis of:

 The national training priorities;

 Merit and overall credentials, including academic and professional background; and

 Financial status.

A Partnership was forged with the PetroCaribe Development Fund for implementation of a formal and thematic tertiary programme, targeting Jamaican citizens from the lower

June 12, 2021

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Medium-Term Debt Management Strategy FY2020/21-FY2023/24 24 | P a g e











2020/21 2021/22 2022/23 2023/24

Baseline Shock Scenario

baseline. A minor adjustment of 50 bps was made to bilateral rates while multilateral rates are

assumed unchanged.

The deterioration in the primary balance relative to the baseline in the first two years results from

increased expenditures associated with disaster relief and recovery and the attendant weaker

revenue performance due to slowing economic activity post disaster (see Figure 21). The

trajectory of the primary balance implies a suspension of the fiscal rule (utilizing the escape

clause in the FAA Act) in the year of and the year after the event5. The higher primary balance in

the third year is consistent with the requirement to ensure a return to a sustainable debt path.

5 The escape clause is triggered by the occurrence of an event with an impact of at least 1.5 percent of GDP. The suspension of

the fiscal rules may last for at least one year, but no more than two years. At the end of the period of suspension, the Minister of Finance is required to table, in both Houses of Parliament, recommendations for recalibration of the fiscal balance.

Figure 20: Real GDP Growth under Baseline and Shock Scenario

Notes: Pass-through to real GDP growth under the shock scenario was modelled by the Planning Institute of Jamaica Source: Ministry of Finance and the Public Service , Planning Institute of Jamaica , Bank of Jamaica

Figure 21: Nominal Primary Balance under Baseline and Shock Scenario

Source: Ministry of Finance and the Public Service

The simulated impact on the debt portfolio is contingent on the financing strategy of the GOJ in a

post-disaster environment. The model assumes deviations from the current financing strategy

(S1) in the year of impact to reflect an additional financing requirement estimated at

$137,195.1 million, which will be funded primarily from multilateral/bilateral sources and the

ICM. The drawdown on a contingent credit facility from the IDB represents variable-rate

financing from a multilateral source. Otherwise, the strategy maintains the position of majority

fixed-rate financing, with longer tenors, but results in majority external financing (see Figures 22

and 23).








2020/21 2021/22 2022/23 2023/24

B ill

io n


Baseline Shock Scenario

June 12, 2021

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2016-2017 Jamaica Budget

Statutory provisions and Provisions to be Voted



Head No. and Title Statutory

Gross Expenditure to be Voted

Appropriations in Aid

Net Expenditure to be Voted

Net provisions in Estimates (Including Statutory )

01000 His Excellency the Governor-General and Staff

108,186.0 73,701.0 - 73,701.0 181,887.0

02000 Houses of Parliament 10,133.0 816,890.0 - 816,890.0 827,023.0

03000 Office of the Public Defender 10,749.0 81,018.0 - 81,018.0 91,767.0

04000 Office of the Contractor-General 11,122.0 273,112.0 6,050.0 267,062.0 278,184.0

05000 Auditor General 7,852.0 537,260.0 10,000.0 527,260.0 535,112.0

06000 Office of the Services Commissions 5,899.0 189,845.0 - 189,845.0 195,744.0

07000 Office of the Childrens Advocate 10,965.0 129,078.0 - 129,078.0 140,043.0

08000 Independent Commission of Investigations 12,038.0 338,417.0 - 338,417.0 350,455.0

15000 Office of the Prime Minister - 3,561,685.0 61,000.0 3,500,685.0 3,500,685.0

15010 Jamaica+Information+Service">Jamaica Information Service - 569,530.0 87,396.0 482,134.0 482,134.0

Total Office of the Prime Minister - 4,131,215.0 148,396.0 3,982,819.0 3,982,819.0

16000 Office of the Cabinet - 425,723.0 - 425,723.0 425,723.0

16049 Management Institute for National Development - 389,554.0 250,000.0 139,554.0 139,554.0

Total Office of the Cabinet - 815,277.0 250,000.0 565,277.0 565,277.0

17000 Ministry of Tourism - 5,228,793.0 3,497,528.0 1,731,265.0 1,731,265.0

19000 Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation

- 7,624,980.0 1,690,070.0 5,934,910.0 5,934,910.0

19046 Forestry Department - 605,085.0 7,400.0 597,685.0 597,685.0

19047 National Land Agency - 1,661,323.0 1,203,782.0 457,541.0 457,541.0

19048 National Environment and Planning Agency - 889,581.0 104,736.0 784,845.0 784,845.0

19050 National Works Agency - 1,541,142.0 960,151.0 580,991.0 580,991.0

Total Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation

- 12,322,111.0 3,966,139.0 8,355,972.0 8,355,972.0

20000 Ministry of Finance and the Public Service (formerly Ministry of Finance and Planning)

- 30,159,486.0 - 30,159,486.0 30,159,486.0

20011 Accountant General - 727,231.0 - 727,231.0 727,231.0

20012 Jamaica+Customs+Agency">Jamaica Customs Agency - 8,057,377.0 8,057,377.0 - -

20018 Public Debt Servicing (Interest Payments) 138,458,716.0 - - - 138,458,716.0

20019 Pensions 20,545,343.0 7,691,661.0 - 7,691,661.0 28,237,004.0

20056 Tax Administration Jamaica - 7,784,958.0 - 7,784,958.0 7,784,958.0

Total Ministry of Finance and the Public Service (formerly Ministry of Finance and Planning)

159,004,059.0 54,420,713.0 8,057,377.0 46,363,336.0 205,367,395.0

26000 Ministry of National Security - 16,099,965.0 230,000.0 15,869,965.0 15,869,965.0

26022 Police Department - 33,085,994.0 525,000.0 32,560,994.0 32,560,994.0

26024 Department of Correctional Services - 7,254,399.0 10,000.0 7,244,399.0 7,244,399.0

26053 Passport, Immigration and Citizenship Agency - 2,184,148.0 2,184,148.0 - -

June 12, 2021