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SUMMARY OF POSTS .. .. .. .. .. .. .. v

SALARY GROUPS AND GRADES .. .. .. .. .. 1 - 19


CORPORATION AND COUNCILS .. .. .. .. .. 20-90 & 91-104

Clarendon .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 20-24 & 91-92

Hanover .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 25-28 & 93

Kingston & St. Andrew Corporation .. .. .. .. 29-35 & 94

Manchester .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 36-41 & 95

Portland .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 42-46 & 96-97

Portmore Municipal Council .. .. .. .. .. 47-49

St. Ann .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 50-55 & 98

St. Catherine .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 56-61 & 99

St. Elizabeth .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 62-66 & 100

St. James .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 68-71

St. Mary .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 72-76

St. Thomas .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 77-81 &101

Trelawny .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 82-86 & 102

Westmoreland .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 87-90 & 103-104

June 12, 2021

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Parish Councils Establishment

Clarendon 109

Hanover 69

Kingston & St. Andrew Corporation 178

Manchester 114

Portland 113

Portmore Municipal Council 25

St. Ann 122

St. Catherine 136

St. Elizabeth 92

St. James 96

St. Mary 96

St. Thomas 97

Trelawny 100

Westmoreland 80

Total 1427






June 12, 2021

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Public Bodies Ministry of Science, Energy and Technology

Spectrum Management Authority


Public Bodies, FY 2021/22 Page 217 Ministry of Finance and the Public Service

Spectrum Management Authority

Introduction The Spectrum Management Authority (SMA) is a limited liability company wholly owned by the Jamaica">Government of Jamaica with the Postal Corporation of Jamaica and the Accountant General’s Department having equal share holdings. The SMA was established on March 1, 2000 under section 21 of the Telecommunications Act, 2000 and became operational in April 2001 with the primary mandate of regulating and managing the Radio Frequency Spectrum in Jamaica. One of the key objectives of the SMA is the establishment of an efficient licencing procedure to facilitate easy access to Jamaica’s radio frequency spectrum. The SMA has the responsibility for issuing certificates of competence, approval certificates and letters of authorization for customs purposes. The Authority earns approximately 70% of its income from the regulatory and processing fees charged to users of the radio frequency spectrum. Summary Corporate/Operational Plan The SMA will continue to focus its efforts on efficiently managing Jamaica’s radio frequency spectrum, in alignment with best practices during the financial year. Towards achievement of this, the SMA will expend $666.49 million during the financial year on capital projects. These will include expenditure of $254.69 million to install six (6) new fixed ASMS/RMDFS sites, two in St. James and one each in Trelawny, Hanover, St. Thomas and Negril. Additionally, the SMA will undertake refurbishing of its corporate office at a cost of $75.75 million and the installation of renewable energy systems at a cost of $64.13 million to reduce its carbon footprint and energy costs. In order to improve its spectrum monitoring capability in the western parishes, the SMA plans to establish a new satellite office in Montego Bay during the 2021/22 financial year. To facilitate this SMA projects that additional staff members will be required. The SMA has projected to renew 485 Licences (2020/21:426). SMA is projecting operating profit of $1.47 million (2020/21 – $109.14 million). The SMA plans to increase its staff complement to 62 employees (2020/21 – 39 employees).

June 12, 2021

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TIU/2019/CPFSA/ 3CV-002 Page 6 of 23

Children, Empowering Families, Securing the Future”. The Vision, Mission and Mantra will be used to

galvanize support internally and externally.

The CPFSA is governed by the Child Care and Protection Act (CCPA) and provides care to children deemed

in need of care and protection by the Courts, and for those awaiting the outcome of court proceedings. The

CPFSA through the National Children’s Registry (NCR), receives child abuse reports and makes references to

internal and external parties for action as well as mobilizing the national response to the issue of missing

children. Its work also entails the investigation of child abuse reports and provision of needs-based intervention

for these children and their families. The agency regulates and monitors the delivery of care through the

provision of alternate care spaces. Additionally, the CPFSA administers programmes and initiatives, designed

to provide a stable and nurturing living environment for children.

There are 54 Child Care Facilities island-wide, nine (9) of which are managed and operated by the Government

of Jamaica. Over the years, the agency has placed greater emphasis on the programme Living in a Family

Environment (L.I.F.E), as an alternative to residential care. LIFE Programmes enable children to live in familial

settings even as they are in the care of the State.

Initiatives such as the Children and Family Support Unit (CFSU), established in the CPFSA’s regional offices

and the Multi-Agency partnership with agencies such as the Centre for the Investigation of Sexual Offences

and Child Abuse (C.I.S.O.C.A), National Children’s Registry (NCR) and the Ministry of Justice’s Victim

Support Division, are helping to keep children out of State care, through counselling and other interventions

to families and abuse victims. The Multi-Agency partnership also enables children to be interviewed and

counselled in a sensitive atmosphere and in a manner geared towards reducing re-victimization.

The Agency’s staff members are spread across our Corporate Office located in Kingston, four (4) regional

offices and 13 parish offices as well as our child care facilities. CPFSA remains committed to the mission of

empowering children to achieve their highest potential and supporting families as part of nation building.

The CPFSA project being implemented within the TIU/IDB transformation programme, is in alignment with

the Jamaica’s National Development Plan, the Medium-Term Socio-Economic Framework, the Sustainable

Development Goals and the Millennium Development goals as well as the overall vision and mission of the



The purpose of this initiative is to assess existing infrastructure, facilities, and capabilities related to network,

power, computing, and server equipment utilized at CPFSA sites. The data will – in the long term – contribute

to the ICT Strategy being developed for CPFSA; however, in the short term, it will be used to make ICT

decisions around infrastructure acquisitions. The consultant will examine 70 CPFSA sites to include 14 parish

offices, 1 Corporate Office, 1 NCR office and 54 Residential Child Care Facilities (RCCFs) in Kingston, St.

Andrew, St. Thomas, Portland, St. Mary, St. Ann, Trelawny, St. James, Hanover, Westmoreland, St. Elizabeth,

Manchester, Clarendon and St. Catherine. The consultant will document all findings and make

recommendations where appropriate.

June 12, 2021

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Public Bodies Ministry of Transport and Mining Other Montego Bay Metro Limited _____________________________________________________________________________________________

Public Bodies, FY 2020/21 Page 283 Ministry of Finance and the Public Service

Montego Bay Metro Introduction The Montego Bay Metro Limited (MBM) was established in September 1997 to provide a dedicated school bus service, for the teacher and student population in the parish of St. James and its environs. The shares of the Company were acquired by Government of Jamaica (GOJ) in 2002 to facilitate an improved bus service to the citizens of St. James, Trelawny and Hanover. Operational and Financial Overview The MBM will continue to operate in the western parishes of the island, transporting students and senior citizens. The Company projects an increased fleet of 16 units (2019/20: 14). The increased fleet is expected to improve the service reliability and by extension improve its revenue stream. Additionally to maintain the fleet schedule MBM plans to pursue a comprehensive repair and maintenance programme aimed at reducing the number of interrupted cycle trips. The MBM forecasts a net deficit of $106.28 million (2019/20: $38.81 million deficit). Government subvention represents $54.84 million (2019/20 - $118.23 million) of total revenue.

June 12, 2021