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making sure they understand how evidence should be gathered and uploaded throughout the implementation process will be in the best interest of all stakeholders.

• Legal considerations. Make sure the platform of choice complies with national and international regulations, including those relating to data architecture, security, privacy, and accessibility and record-keeping.

5.2.1 Using your current OGP website

The OGP website required by the OGP Participation and Co-Creation Standards may also be used as the online repository, as long as the requirements noted in section 5.1 are met.

At its most basic version, this could be a series of electronic folders, including at least one per commitment and one for the action plan development process. To enhance accessibility, the folder could be complemented with a spreadsheet that tracks the commitments and the completion evidence available or, as several OGP participants have done, a online tracking dashboard.

It should be noted that a dashboard by itself is not considered a repository. Unless it is linked to evidence and is updated every six months, it will not suffice to cover the repository requirement.

5.2.2 Using ready-made tools

Similar to the basic version proposed above, a participating government may decide to use one of the ready-made online filing systems to house their repository. Two options for doing this are Google Drive or Dropbox. As mentioned previously, if this option is chosen, the government must ensure that this complies with domestic regulations, particularly those that have to do with privacy and security.

There are online manuals available for both Google Drive and Dropbox. In order to use one of these platforms as a repository, folders would have to be created for each of the commitments in the action plan, and one relating to action plan processes. The administrator would have to make sure that the settings allow for public access to the folders and start uploading information as it becomes available. As in the previous case, the folders could be complemented with a spreadsheet to track progress.

5.2.3 Open source repositories

Participating governments may decide to adopt one of the open source open-access repositories that are available. The advantage of this model is that they support for a wide range of formats of documents for archiving are relatively easy to implement and their maintenance is not expensive. The other advantage is that these systems can facilitate the content aggregation to search engines. The following are Open Repository options:

• E-prints: EPrints is generic repository building software developed by the University of Southampton. It is intended to create a highly configurable web-based repository. EPrints is often used to store images, research data, audio archives, or anything that can be stored digitally.

• DSpace: DSpace is an open source software application that enables easy and open access to all types of digital content including text, images, moving images, audio, and data sets. It was developed by MIT and Hewlett Packard, and is completely customizable.

• CONSUL: CONSUL is an open source software designed to allow citizens to participate in day-to-day decisions of government institu- tions by facilitating the creation of participation initiatives. CONSUL can be customized to include different features and it is free.

June 12, 2021

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charities doing outstanding work in Jamaica. We want to encourage them and to encourage talented graduates to work in the NGO space, even for a time, as we work to build a better Jamaica.

This policy helps the student, helps the charitable organisation, helps the vulnerable population served by charities, and helps Jamaica.

We are improving access to tertiary education. We are expanding Economic Opportunity for All. BPO Upskilling

Mr. Speaker, with the advance of telecommunications and technology, increasingly services are being delivered remotely. Accounting services, programming services, and even medical services and Jamaica has an excellent opportunity to participate in the higher valued segments of the Global Services Sector.

In this budget therefore, $192 million has been allocated to the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture, and Fisheries (MICAF) to fund the new Global Services Skills Project to be coordinated by JAMPRO for the purpose of training and upskilling Jamaicans to participate in the higher valued global services sector.

This is developing our human capital and expanding Economic Opportunity for All. Funding for Research and Development Mr. Speaker, we will making a direct provision of $200 million to specifically fund research and development to be carried out by faculty and/or students at our tertiary institutions. Research is of fundamental importance in achieving our vision of Jamaica. Around the world government spending on research and development has been responsible for some the most impactful scientific and technological breakthroughs we know: from the internet itself, GPS, the original algorithms that power Google, many vaccines among other advances spring from research all funded by Government. We have many challenges in Jamaica that could benefit from dedicated research led by the best minds in our universities. We will make grant funding available on a competitive basis where invitations for proposals will be issued in particular areas in which the Government has an interest. A transparent and independent mechanism for allocating these research grants will be established. This Mr. Speaker will contribute to building our human capital and will ultimately expand Economic Opportunity for All.

June 12, 2021

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OECD International Forum on Open Government, 30 September 2014

Interactive communication means: governments are recognizing that trust is a prerequisite for effective and strategic communication – and this requires new formats to engage with citizens. Communicators are shifting toward using techniques such as citizen panels, Google Hangouts, and online or offline deliberative dialogue formats.

Example: OGP often hosts webinars to bring together the open government community and encourage peer learning and knowledge sharing on critical open government issues among civil society, government practitioners, and other participants. The webinars cover various themes such as anti- corruption, public service delivery and inclusion. Webinars can be accessed on the OGP website here.

Example: in Paraguay, an informal WhatsApp group was created that includes a variety of governmental and non-governmental actors working on open government

Example: the OECD organises regular online meetings of its open government experts group, which includes government representatives leading this agenda in OECD member and partner countries.

June 12, 2021

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Under the abolishment of stamp duty and the lowering of transfer tax those with “dead lef” that

doing nothing can make something of that land.

The families across Jamaica with “dead lef” are everyday Jamaican households.

Again the Opposition has missed the Mark.

Miss K, upstairs, is such an example. A piece of land left for her and her four sisters has laid unused

due to high transaction taxes.

This leads to an immobility of capital on a massive scale.

I get the letters Mr Speaker. I get them from police officers, tradespeople, small operators.

Recently I received one from an unemployed young lady with a “dead lef” and due to unemployed

status could not afford the transfer tax.

We want to empower all of these persons to make their own economic decisions and not to have

to rely on writing the Minister for a “ease up”. We are offering them economic freedom and


BUBBLE UP ECONOMICS The Opposition has characterized our tax cuts as Trickle Down economics. Again, this is just

factually incorrect. Propaganda plain and simple.

The Opposition is acting as if we are in the old days when knowledge and information were not

abundantly accessible and available. When they could attach a false label in the hope it could be


The times are changing and they are out of touch in 20th century Jamaica. Times are changing.

Everybody with a phone can google the phrase “trickle down economics” and see what it means

and see for themselves that is NOT what we are doing. That claim misleads the public and is

therefore disempowering. Opposition is not and should not be synonymous with misleading. The

media should call the Opposition out on this.

The Opposition is free to disagree with what we are doing but to use a false description – which

has a precise meaning – is not being intellectually honest with the people of Jamaica.

June 12, 2021

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Involve multi-stakeholder members in overseeing and running the NAP development process. Make use of their ideas, networks, skills, and resources. Look at opportunities for co-hosting events.

Consider using online writing platforms (e.g., Google Docs, Hackpad, Quip, etc.) for collaboratively drafting commitment text.

Be as open as possible with civil society and other stakeholders about the feasibility of different commitment proposals. This will help them and you prioritize your focus accordingly.

Be clear about the level of influence the multi-stakeholder forum has over agreeing on the NAP.


June 12, 2021