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1 Sales of Publications and Advertising (50% of Gross Receipts) 0 0

2 Public Relation Fees (50% of Gross Receipts) 0 0 3 Printing Services (50% of Gross Receipts) 0 0

4 Radio Programmes (50% of Gross Receipts) 0 0 5 Editorial Revenue (50% of Gross Receipts) 0 0 6 Television Revenue (50% of Gross Receipts) 0 0 7 Administration (50% of Gross Receipts) 0 0 8 Computer Services and Research Services (50% of Gross

Receipts) 0 0 9 Regional Services (50% of Gross Receipts) 0 0

10 Photography Services (50% of Gross Receipts) 0 0


TOTAL - OFFICE OF THE PRIME MINISTER AND DEPARTMENTS 16,952,568 1,000,000 35,676,414 1,400,000 (34,276,414)


3,847,635 1 Miscellaneous Receipts 6,300 100,000 11,195 20,000 8,805

TOTAL OFFICE OF THE CABINET 3,853,935 100,000 11,195 20,000 8,805


1 Fees - Travel Agencies Registration Act 90,500 0 0 2 Fees - Registration of Clubs Act 545,500 0 0 3 Miscellaneous Receipts 30,000 9,968 20,000 10,032

TOTAL - MINISTRY OF TOURISM & ENTERTAINMENT 636,000 30,000 9,968 20,000 10,032


1 Fees - Banking Licence Registration 1973 149,747,621 175,855,590 82,597,595 196,531,350 113,933,755

2 Profits on Government owned Companies - Dividends and Financal Distribution 13,846,010,500 13,627,000,000 16,527,456,703 15,535,304,003 (992,152,700)

3 BOJ Profits 0 0 4 Sale of Unserviceable Stores 33,046,013 34,969,340 16,388,108 34,969,340 18,581,232 5 Sale of Gazettes 1,263,145 1,279,970 232,950 1,800,000 1,567,050

6 Fees - Scotia Bank Jamaica Economic Growth Fund 0 0 7 Provident Fund 51,043,385 50,617,210 7,665,384 15,850,000 8,184,616 8 Fees - FIA Licence Registration 5,502,025 6,301,060 10,156,534 6,841,540 (3,314,994) 9 Fees - Building Societies 21,484,711 25,955,690 0 51,190,610 51,190,610

10 Sale of Forfeited goods - F I D 2,041,425 35,316,000 282,493 35,316,000 35,033,507 11 Cash Seized and Forfeited 357,972,028 107,523,950 260,203,994 408,523,950 148,319,956 12 Miscellaneous Receipts 4,844,539 156,227,700 1,300,414,445 40,000,000 (1,260,414,445) 13 Forfeiture of loan Agreement (MDB) 1,423,045 6,000,154

TOTAL - MINISTRY OF FINANCE AND PLANNING 14,472,955,392 14,221,046,510 18,206,821,250 16,332,326,947 (1,879,071,412)


1 Pension Contributions: Widows and Orphans 753,823,073 856,228,000 945,634,479 1,006,155,085 60,520,607

2 Pension Contributions: Members of the Legislature 8,953,994 14,121,608 7,471,844 7,950,042 478,198

3 Pension Contributions: Other Government Authorities for Seconded Officers 5,586,457 5,094,952 2,875,203 3,059,216 184,013

4 Registration of Jamaica Investment Capital Growth Funds 0 0 0 5 Fees on Government Guaranteed Loans 0 0 0 6 Recovery of Pension and Salary 83,545,590 24,795,428 7,241,531 15,541,284 8,299,754 7 Chancery Fund Commission 451,869 701,780 499,069 531,009 31,940 8 Sale of Receipt books 1,791,000 2,135,777 2,050,292 2,181,510 131,219

9 Executive Agency Investment Fund Management Fees 25,000 0 0 0 10 Recovery of Prior Years Expenditure 302,183 283,321,746 301,454,337 18,132,592 11 Processing Fees - salary deduction 2,148,105 2,932,079 2,184,845 2,324,675 139,830 12 Miscellaneous Receipts 355,188,132 330,312,085 117,686,562 125,218,502 7,531,940

TOTAL - ACCOUNTANT GENERALS DEPARTMENT 1,211,790,403 1,236,346,709 1,368,965,570 1,464,415,662 95,450,092


June 12, 2021

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1. RATIONALE FOR THE CREATION OF A PUBLIC INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (PIMS) IN JAMAICA The Government has committed to strengthen Jamaica’s public investment management system, as part of a comprehensive public financial management (PFM reform) agenda. This reform has seen the incorporation of public investment management as part of an enhanced fiscal governance framework that seeks to increase fiscal surpluses over time and concurrently reduce the debt to gross domestic product (GDP) ratio so that public resources can be allocated to public investment and other activities that have the potential to contribute to growth in the economy.

Cabinet Decision No X of March 2014 gave approval for the institutionalization of the Public Investment Management System (PIMS) and, in doing so, standardize the treatment of public investment across the public sector with respect to the entire project cycle.

Public investment projects are investments that require planning, execution, monitoring and evaluation carried out as an integrated set of activities aimed at meeting a development objective, at a specific cost and within a defined timeframe(Section 48A, FAA Act Amendments 2014). The Financial Administration and Audit Act (FAA Act) (Amended), 20141 sets out the elements of the strengthened Public Investment Management System (PIMS) which will seek to create a common framework for the preparation, appraisal, approval and management of all public investments in Jamaica, irrespective of the source of funding or procurement and implementation modalities. A key element of the system is the Public Sector Investment Programme (PSIP); a rolling 5 year plan of Cabinet approved public investment projects.

Since these amendments, more legislative and regulatory work has been done to further refine the PIMS and, by extension, the PSIP. In February 2015, additional amendments to both the FAA and PBMA provided for exceptions to the definition of public investment. The exception limits public investment to those undertaken by entities within the specified public sector. The specified public sector is defined as the public sector minus those entities that will be certified as commercial by the Auditor General and, therefore outside of the fiscal rules, as at April 1, 2017. It is anticipated that only a few entities will qualify and the specified public sector will encompass much more than 90% of the public sector. The ambits of the PIMS and PSIP, therefore, is quite extensive in scope.

The Financial Administration and Audit (Amendment) Act 2014 – Fourth Schedule (Section 48B (2) provides that an element of the Public Investment Management System shall be a Public Investment Performance Report. This is a comprehensive performance report on the Government’s Public Investment Programme, which shall be produced and published periodically by the Minister.

1 Gazette 31st day of March 2014, enacted April 1, 2014

June 12, 2021

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(b) has a connection with Jamaica of a kind which entitles that person to be regarded as belonging to, or as being a native or resident of, Jamaica for the purposes of the laws of Jamaica relating to immigration; or

(c) is a company or other legal entity constituted in Jamaica in accordance with the laws of Jamaica;

"Jamaican ship" has the meaning assigned to it by section 2 of the Shipping Act.

Regulations. 19.-41) The Minister may make regulations in order to give effect to the purposes of this Act.

(2) Subject to affirmative resolution, regulations made under this Act may provide for penalties,. on summary con- viction or conviction on indictment for contravention of the regulations, in excess of the penalties specified in section 29(b) .of the Interpretation Act.

power to 20. The Minister may, by order subject to affirmative resolu- amend tion and published in the Gazette, amend any monetary penalty pendtiesby imposed by this Act. order.

Re~iewofAct 2 1 4 1 ) The provisions of this Act shall be reviewed by a after two Y-. joint select committee of the Houses of Parliament after the

expiration of two years from the 17th of March, 20 10.

(2) The validity of any proceedings taken, or any order in force, under this Act i&ediately before the expiration of the time specified in subsection (I) shall not be affected by any amendment or repeal of any of the provisions of this Act made pursuant to a review conducted under subsection (1) and any such proceedings shall be continued and determined, and any such order shall continue in force for such duration, as if such amendment or repeal had not been made.

[The inclusion of this page is authorized by L.N. 92d20121

June 12, 2021

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6. Minimum participation requirements and acting contrary to process

A government’s participation in OGP may be reviewed by the Criteria and Standards Subcommittee (C&S) or by the full Steering Committee upon recommendation by the C&S, if it acts contrary to process or contrary to OGP principles, as outlined in the Procedural Review policy. These are considered the minimum participation requirements for all OGP participating governments.

According to the OGP Articles of Governance, a participating government is considered to have acted “contrary to process” when any of the following occur:

1. The government does not publish a National Action Plan within 4 months of the due date

2. The government did not meet the International Association for Public Participation “involve” during development or “inform” during implementation of the NAP as assessed by the Independent Reporting Mechanism (IRM).

3. The government fails to collect, publish and document a repository on the national OGP website/webpage in line with IRM guidance.

4. The IRM Report establishes that there was no progress made on implementing any of the commitments in the participating govern- ment’s action plan (N.B. this trigger automatically places a country under Procedural Review).

When a country is found to have acted contrary to process, the OGP Support Unit will notify the government via a letter that is published in the OGP website and in the OGP Gazette. If a country acts contrary to process for two consecutive action plan cycles, it will be placed under Procedural Review by the C&S. If a country fails to address the problems that lead to the review process, the C&S may consider to recommend to the full Steering Committee that the country be designated as inactive.

Please see below for specific definitions of these four triggers provided by the OGP Support Unit and the IRM.

6.1 Delayed action plans If a participating government fails to deliver a new action plan before January 1 of the following year (more than four months late of the August 31 deadline), the OGP participating government will be shifted to the following year cohort (e.g., from the odd-year to the even-year cohort) and be considered to start a new action plan cycle. In this circumstance, a participating government will have acted contrary to OGP process for that action plan cycle. The participating government will receive a letter from the OGP Support Unit noting this occurrence, and it will be copied to the Criteria and Standards subcommittee to consider any additional actions or support as necessary (see section 6).

For a detailed description of OGP calendars please refer to section 2.

6.2. Minimum participation requirements during co-creation Inline with OGP’s Participation & Co-creation Standards, in order to meet the International Association for Public Participation “involve” level of public influence during development as assessed by the IRM, governments will have to provide evidence in their action plan and online repository that the following three standards were met:

1. Forum exists: The forum meets at least once every three months (four times a year).

2. Forum is multi-stakeholder: Both government and civil society participate in it.

3. Reasoned response: The government will have to document or be able to show how they provided the feedback during the co-cre- ation process, including a summary of major categories and/or themes proposed inclusion, amendment or rejection.

June 12, 2021

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Vol. CXL TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 14, 2017 No. 77B

No. 169k



ORDER, 2017.

June 12, 2021