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The consultant is required to, utilizing best practice, develop the structure, templates

and drafts for the Public Investment Performance Report. The report will contain a

review of the public investment portfolio of the GOJ to include the central government,

Self-Financed Public Bodies and Public Private Partnerships under the purview of the

DBJ. The report will include an examination of ;

 Sectoral and functional classification of existing and planned investment


 Alignment of existing public investments with the long term national

development plan and medium term socioeconomic policy objectives;

 Trends in total public investment

 Efficiency and impact of public investment

 Actions taken to improve GOJ’s public investment management capacity

 Overview of the institutional performance along the project cycle including an

assessment of investment planning, investment allocation, investment

implementation, monitoring and evaluation

 Provide a review of the policy that guided the investments for the reporting

period to determine alignment to and variation from the policy and the resulting

outputs and impact;

 Include standard metrics to compare annual portfolio performance and sector


 Status of PIMSEC Project Pipeline

 Status of DBJ’s PPP Pipeline

The consultant will be required to have consultations with key stakeholders in the process to include:

Ministry of Finance and the Public Service  Public Investment Management Secretariat  Planning Institute of Jamaica  Specified Public Sector entities  Development Bank of Jamaica  Cabinet Office  Donor Agencies

June 12, 2021

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concessionaire successfully secured financing of US$265mn for Phase 1 works and

satisfied all requirements to achieve financial closure on June 30, 2016. Activities to

facilitate the handover of the Terminal to KFTL were also successfully completed and

facilitated the achievement of handover on the same date of financial closure.

Norman Manley International Airport (NMIA) – The initial drive to identify a long-

term concessionaire to operate, finance, develop and maintain the NMIA did not

materialize. Notwithstanding, the prequalified bidders continue to show interest in

partnering with the Government in the development of the airport. In July 2016, Cabinet

approved the NMIA Enterprise Team continuing with efforts to identify a concessionaire.

The Government intends to re-package the opportunity and relaunch an international

procurement for the expansion and operation of the Airport.

Jamaica Railway Corporation (JRC) – GOJ received a revised business plan from

Herzog+International+Inc.">Herzog International Inc. in December 2015. In August 2016, Cabinet approved the GOJ,

acting through the Ministry of Transport and Mining and the JRC, to enter into a non-

binding Memorandum of Understanding with Herzog to allow the company to undertake

further due diligence to finalize its business plan for the railway rehabilitation. The

company intends to rehabilitate approximately 207km of the 334.9km rail track. The

work will be undertaken on a phased basis.

June 12, 2021

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6. Monthly report of the risk, issues, and changes log with mitigation plans.7. Monthly progress reports.8. Weekly updated action/achievements tracker. Competencies

1. Problem Solving and Root Cause Identification. 2. Advanced Critical Thinking 3. Advanced Communication skills 4. Thoroughness. 5. Advanced Planning skills 6. Excellent Time Management 7. Customer/Client Focus.


1. Advanced level stakeholder management skills 2. Negotiation and conflict management skills 3. Change management skills 4. Advanced knowledge of change management strategy 5. Active listening skills 6. Intermediate Knowledge of QDA Miner or NVivo 7. Intermediate Knowledge of SPSS 8. Proficiency in using the Microsoft Office Suite

Supervisory Responsibility This position has no supervisory responsibilities.

Work Environment This job operates in a professional office environment. This role routinely uses standard office equipment such as computers, phones, photocopiers, filing cabinets and fax machines.

Position Type/Expected Hours of Work This is a full-time position, and hours of work and days are generally Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Some weekend or evening hours may be necessary

Travel The job is located in Kingston. Travel is anticipated to other Government entities with the Kingston Metropolitan Area normally and outside of the Kingston Metropolitan Area on occasion.

Required Education and Experience

June 12, 2021

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Ministry of Finance and the Public Service Fiscal Policy Paper 2017 76 | P a g e

The BOJ has also commenced work on developing the regime for financial holding companies and consolidated supervision under the Banking Services Act, with the release in November 2016 of the Consultation Paper on Consolidated Capital Adequacy for public feedback.

Private Sector Pension Reform The second phase of private sector pension reform seeks to address issues such as vesting, portability and indexation. To achieve this objective, a Bill to amend the Pensions (Superannuation Funds & Retirement Schemes) Act was drafted in November 2016 and is expected to be tabled in FY 2017/18.

Insurance (Amendment) Act During FY 2016/17, the Financial Services Commission (FSC) submitted a proposal for amendment of the Insurance Act to the MOFPS. The proposed amendment will facilitate the creation of a micro- insurance legislative framework and also pave the way for the introduction of regulations to govern the industry.

Proposed Micro Credit Act The Chief Parliamentary Counsel (CPC) completed the second draft of the Microcredit Bill in July 2016. The Bill was thereafter circulated to key stakeholders for review and comments. Informed by these comments, the MOFPS issued further drafting instructions to the CPC in November 2016 for a revision of the Bill. The proposed new Act is intended to provide for the licensing and regulation of small privately-owned money lending institutions in an effort to address operational deficiencies in the industry. It will also seek to promote greater transparency, protect consumers and reduce or eliminate the risks of the industry being used as a vehicle for facilitating money laundering.

Public Sector Pension Reform The Pensions (Public Service) Bill was resubmitted to the Committee">Legislation Committee in June 2016 for review by the new Committee in accordance with legislative procedures. The Bill was subsequently re-tabled in Parliament in July 2016. In addition, the CPC completed the draft accompanying Regulations in November 2016. Parliament is expected to pass the Pensions Act in the March 2017 quarter for implementation on April 1, 2017.

National Financial Inclusion Strategy (NFIS) Cabinet approved a NFIS in May 2016. The strategy sets out a coordinated approach to encourage financial inclusion in Jamaica. However, the full implementation of the NFIS is contingent on the establishment of the National Financial Inclusion Council (NFIC), which will be ultimately responsible for implementation of the NFIS. The NFIC is expected to be appointed by March 2017. A Financial Inclusion Steering Committee (FISC) has been established to oversee the implementation of the NFIS and will report to the NFIC. The FISC will be supported by a technical secretariat that will monitor and evaluate the action items under the NFIS.

The NFIS seeks to create an environment in which under-served Jamaican citizens and micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) are provided with the relevant knowledge and access to

June 12, 2021

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given via telephone)

January 6, 2004

13 What was the salary increase for councilors

Full grant of access


January 6, 2004

14 Waiver documents associated with Finsac’s Sale of Island Broadcasting Services Ltd. (KLAS FM) to Wilmington Corporation Ltd.

Access granted Media

January 6, 2004

15 Documents detailing the purchase and renovation of house on Bracknell Avenue as residence for Governor of Bank of Jamaica (BOJ).

Partial access granted and remainder of request transferred to BOJ.

Civil Society

January 6, 2004





Latest financial statement for Swift Purscel Boys Home (Highgate)

Latest financial statement for Maxfield Children’s Home

Latest financial statement for Pringle’s Children’s Home

Latest financial statement for Mt. Olivet Children’s Home

Transferred to Ministry of Health (MOH)


January 6, 2004

20 Number of persons and companies and their names who have received tax relief under provisions of the Urban Renewal (Tax Relief) Act 1995 in the Downtown Montego Bay special development area

Transferred to UDC


January 6, 2004

21 Copy of Accounts of final cost of Government delegation to Non- Aligned Conference in Malaysia2003

Transferred to Cabinet Office

Civil Society

January 6, 2004

22 Government Agencies that gives grants or loans to people to start small businesses

Referred to MIDA


January 7, 2004

23 Waiver documents associated with the sale of HOT 102 FM.

Full access granted


January 8, 2004



Latest financial statement for John Bosco Children’s Home

Latest financial statement for Sunbeam Children’s Home

Transferred to Ministry of Health (MOH)


January 12, 2004

26 Which politicians received monies from Finsac’s bailout and the amount

Denied (Exempt documents)


January 14, 2004

27 All business and employee tax forms required at year-end

Referred to Jamaica Revenue Service website: www.jrs.gov.jm


January 14, 2004

28 Names of Finsac borrowers over $25M and amount written off.

Denied (Information exempt)


June 12, 2021