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It is against this background that a Public Sector Learning Framework Policy was established by MIND with the support of key public sector stakeholders1, and with the endorsement of the Cabinet Secretary. The PSLF proposes a more systematic approach to whole-of-government human resource development, and serves as the GoJs blueprint for building a culture of continuous learning and innovation within the public sector, and provides a coordinated approach to systematically map pathways towards building the required competencies and developing the necessary skill sets that will allow public officers to deliver the best value goods and services. Along with its overarching objective to provide a coherent policy structure for human resource development within the sector, so as to enable economic development and societal wellbeing through the delivery of efficient citizen services, the PSLF also seeks to:

1. Provide a coherent policy for human resource development within the sector. 2. Stimulate, guide and promote the development of a public sector that is genuinely committed to lifelong

learning. 3. Build a culture of innovation among public officers for better business outcomes. 4. Enhance the human resource capabilities needed to support the fulfilment of Vision 2030 Jamaica:

National Development Plan (NDP). 5. Develop a responsive public service able to quickly adjust to the changing needs of government. 6. Integrate learning and development across the public sector. 7. Provide clarity and coherence to the matrices of learning focus areas across the different job levels in

the public sector. 8. Provide high quality, relevant and standardized training within the public service. 9. Facilitate access, mobility and progression in learning and professional development paths within the

sector. 10. Develop a source of evaluating or assessing investment in and impact of human resource development

within the sector.

The implementation of the PSLF is being led by MIND, supported by a PSLF Working Group, and governed by a PSLF Oversight Committee which is chaired by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of MIND. The Agency is supported by a PSLF Consultant/Advisor reporting through to the CEO.

3. SCOPE OF WORK Under the direct supervision of the PSLF Project Advisor/ Consultant the PSLF Project Officer will provide coordination support to ensure the achievement of the PSLF objectives and delivery of its outputs. Therefore, the PSLF Project Officer will:

o Liaise and coordinate activities with the relevant departments within the Agency in support of the implementation of the PSLF.

o Provide administrative support to the PSLF Project Advisor/ Consultant o Liaise with key external stakeholders to optimise access and to ensure timely organisation and

facilitation of activities relating to the PSLF implementation. o Assist with the design, development and dissemination of PSLF outputs. o Provide the necessary feedback, through reports and other forms of communiqué, on a timely basis, to

the PSLF Consultant/Advisor in order to inform engagements with the CEO and the PSLF Oversight Committee.

o Monitor PSLF implementation deliverables. o Draft any milestone and completion reports as necessary. o Provide input for the development of technical reports and other project outputs.

1 Cabinet Office, Ministry of Finance and Public Service (MoFP), Office of the Services Commissions (OSC), Strategic Human Resource Management Division within the MoFP, Jamaica Civil Service Association, Planning Institute of Jamaica and the Public Sector Modernisation Division and the Public Sector Transformation Unit, which have been recently amalgamated to form the Public Sector Transformation and Modernisation Programme.

June 12, 2021

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1 Sales of Publications and Advertising (50% of Gross Receipts) 0 0

2 Public Relation Fees (50% of Gross Receipts) 0 0 3 Printing Services (50% of Gross Receipts) 0 0

4 Radio Programmes (50% of Gross Receipts) 0 0 5 Editorial Revenue (50% of Gross Receipts) 0 0 6 Television Revenue (50% of Gross Receipts) 0 0 7 Administration (50% of Gross Receipts) 0 0 8 Computer Services and Research Services (50% of Gross

Receipts) 0 0 9 Regional Services (50% of Gross Receipts) 0 0

10 Photography Services (50% of Gross Receipts) 0 0


TOTAL - OFFICE OF THE PRIME MINISTER AND DEPARTMENTS 16,952,568 1,000,000 35,676,414 1,400,000 (34,276,414)


3,847,635 1 Miscellaneous Receipts 6,300 100,000 11,195 20,000 8,805

TOTAL OFFICE OF THE CABINET 3,853,935 100,000 11,195 20,000 8,805


1 Fees - Travel Agencies Registration Act 90,500 0 0 2 Fees - Registration of Clubs Act 545,500 0 0 3 Miscellaneous Receipts 30,000 9,968 20,000 10,032

TOTAL - MINISTRY OF TOURISM & ENTERTAINMENT 636,000 30,000 9,968 20,000 10,032


1 Fees - Banking Licence Registration 1973 149,747,621 175,855,590 82,597,595 196,531,350 113,933,755

2 Profits on Government owned Companies - Dividends and Financal Distribution 13,846,010,500 13,627,000,000 16,527,456,703 15,535,304,003 (992,152,700)

3 BOJ Profits 0 0 4 Sale of Unserviceable Stores 33,046,013 34,969,340 16,388,108 34,969,340 18,581,232 5 Sale of Gazettes 1,263,145 1,279,970 232,950 1,800,000 1,567,050

6 Fees - Scotia Bank Jamaica Economic Growth Fund 0 0 7 Provident Fund 51,043,385 50,617,210 7,665,384 15,850,000 8,184,616 8 Fees - FIA Licence Registration 5,502,025 6,301,060 10,156,534 6,841,540 (3,314,994) 9 Fees - Building Societies 21,484,711 25,955,690 0 51,190,610 51,190,610

10 Sale of Forfeited goods - F I D 2,041,425 35,316,000 282,493 35,316,000 35,033,507 11 Cash Seized and Forfeited 357,972,028 107,523,950 260,203,994 408,523,950 148,319,956 12 Miscellaneous Receipts 4,844,539 156,227,700 1,300,414,445 40,000,000 (1,260,414,445) 13 Forfeiture of loan Agreement (MDB) 1,423,045 6,000,154

TOTAL - MINISTRY OF FINANCE AND PLANNING 14,472,955,392 14,221,046,510 18,206,821,250 16,332,326,947 (1,879,071,412)


1 Pension Contributions: Widows and Orphans 753,823,073 856,228,000 945,634,479 1,006,155,085 60,520,607

2 Pension Contributions: Members of the Legislature 8,953,994 14,121,608 7,471,844 7,950,042 478,198

3 Pension Contributions: Other Government Authorities for Seconded Officers 5,586,457 5,094,952 2,875,203 3,059,216 184,013

4 Registration of Jamaica Investment Capital Growth Funds 0 0 0 5 Fees on Government Guaranteed Loans 0 0 0 6 Recovery of Pension and Salary 83,545,590 24,795,428 7,241,531 15,541,284 8,299,754 7 Chancery Fund Commission 451,869 701,780 499,069 531,009 31,940 8 Sale of Receipt books 1,791,000 2,135,777 2,050,292 2,181,510 131,219

9 Executive Agency Investment Fund Management Fees 25,000 0 0 0 10 Recovery of Prior Years Expenditure 302,183 283,321,746 301,454,337 18,132,592 11 Processing Fees - salary deduction 2,148,105 2,932,079 2,184,845 2,324,675 139,830 12 Miscellaneous Receipts 355,188,132 330,312,085 117,686,562 125,218,502 7,531,940

TOTAL - ACCOUNTANT GENERALS DEPARTMENT 1,211,790,403 1,236,346,709 1,368,965,570 1,464,415,662 95,450,092


June 12, 2021

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APPENDIX 1: Terms of References


Terms of Reference The terms of reference for the Privatisation Agency are as follows:  To be responsible for the complete reporting of privatisation

activities to the Cabinet;  To prepare, for the approval of the Cabinet, an annual plan for the

divestment of companies and equity interests;  To monitor progress against this plan and report on progress to

the Cabinet;  To prepare, for the approval of the Cabinet, procedures and rules

governing the conduct of privatisations, in line with this policy;  To ensure that privatisations are conducted in accordance with

the approved procedures and rules, and to report to the Cabinet on any instances in which the procedures and rules are not followed;

 To assist with conducting or commissioning the necessary studies and analyses which will offer government the opportunity to make informed decisions;

 To carry out privatisation activities wholly or jointly with other government agencies and offer consultancy services when required;

 To co-ordinate and support the work of the Enterprise Teams;

 To co-ordinate requests for funding from international agencies as these relate to privatisation activities;

 To compile and archive all information on GOJ privatisations;

 To manage the privatisation escrow account on behalf of the GOJ.

The Privatisation Agency supports the work of the Enterprise Team by: • Co-ordinating communication between all the parties involved in

the privatisation; • Ensuring that the Enterprise Team conducts the privatisation in a

manner consistent with this policy, and with approved rules and procedures;

• Providing secretarial and administrative support – draft minutes, agendas, prepare meeting notes, schedule and host meetings of the Enterprise Team, etc;

• Being a centralised point of contact for information on the Privatisation transaction;

• Providing technical advice via internal archives and/or external consultants (where necessary); The external consultant provides guidance, training, process support & technical advice as needed;


June 12, 2021

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• Monitoring the performance of the external consultants, if applicable;

• Monitoring budgetary allocations; • Planning & preparing status reports; • Writing research papers and providing background information; • Maintaining records and documents (e.g. legal, other documents for

the privatisation); • Coordinating external communications with stakeholders; • Engaging any consultant required to provide services to facilitate

the privatisation; • Providing Data Room facilities; • Recommending members for the Enterprise Team. • Assist in the preparation of OR prepare advertisements for the

Project and monitor the preparation and review of the Information Memorandum and Request for Proposals for the transaction/Project;

• Monitor the preparation and review of the Contractual Agreements, including but not limited to Sales Agreements and Concession Agreements;

• Assist with the preparation of Terms of Reference for Consultants and conduct the tender process to engage external consultants, as required;

• Facilitate potential investors’ due diligence on the Project as required;

• Assist with the preparation of Cabinet Submissions; • Assist with the identification of funding for the Project on a best

efforts basis;


Responsibilities of Enterprise Team The responsibilities of the Enterprise Team are as follows:  recommend an appropriate privatisation strategy and framework

for the privatisation transaction, to include specific privatisation objectives (which must be aligned with GOJ’s general privatisation objectives), modality and appropriate evaluation criteria for prospective investment proposals;

 adequately represent the position of the relevant agency or ministry regarding the entity to be privatised;

 facilitate the Privatisation Agency’s access to the information required on the entity and the progress of the privatisation;

June 12, 2021

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 recommend additional members for the team if and when necessary;

 review consultants reports (including asset/enterprise valuations)and make the necessary recommendations;

 recommend specific evaluation criteria and weightings for selection of investment proposals;

 review the information memorandum and other profiles of the entity to be privatised and make the necessary recommendations;

 ensure that bottlenecks in the process requiring Ministerial or Subject Agency facilitation are addressed expeditiously;

 recommend members of the proposal selection/evaluation teams when necessary;

 review due diligence reports;  recommend preferred proposals/investors to theCabinet;  negotiate and/or recommend the final privatisation terms;  ensure that the privatisation is conducted in accordance with this

policy, and agreed rules and procedures;  ensure that satisfactory records of the privatisation process are

maintained;  ensure that the welfare of employees is given priority;  ensure that the Privatisation process complies with Jamaican

labour laws.  ensure compliance with GOJ procurement rules.

June 12, 2021