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Mr Speaker, with the help of UNICEF and USAID, the Ministry has established

over 60 Parent Places. We are on track to establish another 30 at the primary

level. The Parent Place is a centre with the necessary equipment and resources

for parents to meet and discuss parenting issues as well as to participate in

workshops on literacy, numeracy, homework strategies among other areas.

 The Ministry of Education invites the Churches to join forces with the National

Parenting Support Commission to assist parents in improving their child-rearing


 All of us in this House deserve a “cussing” that we still have not passed law

making it mandatory for a father’s name to be on every child’s birth certificate.

 Being a good parent is the supreme achievement of any mother or father. Can

our popular culture affirm and emphasize this

 Parents if you invest time, love, presence and discipline from the Early

Childhood level, you won’t likely have the brawls and disgrace like what took

place among girls at Santa Cruz Primary and Junior High last Friday.

 Make them read to you, even if your eyes are dark. Take them to Church and

Sunday or Sabbath School. Make sure they join the nearest library. And parents

try to never miss a parent-teachers meeting.

 Be very careful of which step-father or step-mother you bring in on your

children. Encourage your children to open a savings account. Feed them

porridge and an egg in the morning. Help them to develop a taste for locally

grown foods, which are better for them than fast food. Manners and good

behaviour are important, style and fashion less so. Even if your pocket is low,

these are things we all can do, because of who we are.

June 11, 2021

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Ministry of Local Government & Community Development

Manchester Parish Council


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Page 13Parish Councils Establishment, 2016

June 11, 2021

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Page 56 Performance Audit

Management System for the Maintenance of Parochial Roads

July 2020

Appendix 11: Force Account “Force Account” is a project implementation method whereby a Government entity undertakes rehabilitative or developmental works by using its internal resources rather than contracting a private entity. In such instances, the Government entity may be required to procure raw material or engage temporary labour to carry out the works. In addition, where the implementing entity cannot provide the required equipment resources, the entity is allowed to hire from a private source, using the National Works Agency’s (NWA) schedule of equipment rates. Hireage of equipment at rates exceeding this schedule should be approved by the NWA. Similarly, the procurement of raw material should be acquired from the NWA’s suggested list of quarries. These include, but are not limited to base, subbase/ engineering fill and aggregate for surface dress application/gabion works. Further consideration shall be given to their location relative to the project and availability of material. Quarries shall be registered with the Mining and Quarries Association, and licensed by the Mines and Geology Division. NOTE: Testing at the source is required for use of road base material. Labour rates established under the Labour Management Agreement for the Building and Construction Industry are used as a guide in determining rates for hireage of direct labour. Contractors are required to be registered with the NCC and to have a valid TCC. Procuring Entities shall verify contractor registration on the NCC database. Source: Appendix 5-Force Account-GOJ Handbook Volume 2

June 10, 2021